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educational dance and performance program

Handidance World is an educational dance and performance program established since 1989 by Founder and Creative Director Cecile Avio focused on mentally and physically disabled people. The Handidance World program specializes in teaching all those with disabilities dance and movement utilizing the Avio Program(tm) methodology. The Avio Program is a structured accredited educational method developed through extensive research from medical institutions, medical professionals, and specialized experts.

In June 2019 at the International Competition in Dunkirk, France, Handidance World was launched internationally now offering this profound program in the United States, Europe, Guadeloupe, Belgium, and other countries.

Cultural Integration

The Avio Program has successfully trained over 30,000 mentally and physically disabled individuals of all ages in Europe that participated in dance and movement activities choreographed to music. The Avio Program also trains dance studios, instructors and those who work with the disabled in institutions to be certified to offer the specialized dance and movement program to the disabled population. Those trained can then enter in regional and international dance competitions with the opportunity to participate, be recognized and win. As of June 2019, Handidance World Launched Internationally which includes the United States, Belgium, Guadeloupe, and other countries to join in the near future.

Mind * Body * Soul

Handidance World educational and training modules are based on but not limited to the following impairments:
• Deaf and blind, including deafened BMI and those with visual disabilities,
• Intellectual and cognitive disabilities
• Physical motor disabilities including paraplegics, hemiplegics, quadriplegics, cranial trauma, cerebral motor impaired, amputee, injured cerebral traumatized cranial
• Behavioral and mental disabilities such as autism, attention deficit, learning disabilities, down syndrome, etc.
• Senior and aging impairment including strokes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, wheelchair-bound, etc. 


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