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 Cécile Avio Founder

Creator and founder Cécile AVIO has had a solid and professional experience in the field of public dance education. Cécile’s 23 years of dedication and program development have helped thousands of children, teenagers and adults celebrate, dance and take part in yearly performances that make any parent, sibling, family, and spectator express an emotional joy that will touch their soul and forever stay in memories. 

At Handidance World we have developed our dance and performance program to assist the physically impaired of all types. Some of the most common are deaf and blind, including deafened BMI and those with visual disabilities, intellectual disabilities and physical motor disabilities including paraplegics, hemiplegics, quadriplegics, cranial trauma, (BMI). Other disabilities supported in the Handidance program are intellectual disabilities, trisomy, autism, etc .

Cécile AVIO has taught dance to thousands of people with disabilities between regular courses and numerous workshops throughout France. To date, nearly 50,000 people with disabilities dance thanks to her.  Also, hundreds of people have been trained in the Avio Program method and technique. Many new "handidancers" are born and add to this list year after year. Cécile AVIO creates workshops and shows since 1992; And much of her work has been pro bono.


The Handidance Association was established in 1995. officially created. In 1997 Cecile had a desire to teach the disabled and started her first training for both instructors and for her own students. Shortly after her first training and performances, Federation France wanted to sponsor the program to expand it further. In 1999 Cécile created her own company, Compagnie Cécile AVIO.



  • In 2010, on May 26th in Toulouse, she created the National Handidance convention, bringing together all Handidance teachers, animators and other animators from all regions of France which welcomed a very large audience of dancers with disabilities.
  • In 2011, on May 11th and 12th in Cambrai in the Nord Pas de Calais region, Cécile created The second national Handidance convention and show, bringing together nearly 400 disabled people from all over France.
  • In 2012, May 23rd and 24th in Saint Quentin, (Picardy region) Cécile created the National Handidance Competition.
  • In 2013, the National Handidance National Meeting and the Handidanse National Competition took place on May 21-22 in PACE, Brittany.
  • In 2014, May 14th and 15th, the National Handidance Competition was conducted at the Dome of Carcassonne (Region Handidance Languedoc Roussillon).
  • May 10-12, 2015--786 handidancers gathered for two and a half days in Cambrai at the Palais des Grottes.


All who have been trained, including dancers, studios, institutions are invited to participate in any of the international competitions. 

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